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2022 Bubu Gown Styles: Latest African Bubu Styles - owambe styles

Bubu or Boubou gown is a long flowing and loose-fitting gown worn by both males and females in Senegal, Mali, and some parts of Africa. It is a style that provides maximum comfort, and easy movement, and at the same time, it also makes you look beautiful and elegant. Some people even refer to it as female Agbada and it is also suitable for pregnant women.

They are often made with lace fabrics but it is a good thing to know that Bubu gown styles can also be sewn with all kinds of materials like Ankara fabrics, cord net materials, Adire, Crepe, and other beautiful fabrics. Have a nice time going through this post.

This kind of cloth is perfect for women of different sizes as it conceals all kinds of shortcomings in a woman's body; especially those with a big tummy. It perfectly


hide your full wide hips, and full thighs, and streamline your figures. It is generally loved by everyone because of its simplicity and its ability to allow free movement. Feel free and feed your eyes with these Bubu designs.  

Bubu gowns can be worn to any event; wedding, burial ceremony, coronation, and many more. So, pick one of these Bubu Gown Styles, get a good fabric, and have your designer create this style just for you. 

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