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Latest Plain And Pattern Styles: 2022 Stunning Designs

Hello Beautiful ladies. Today we have here for you, the latest and best collection of plain and pattern styles. But first of all, what is a plain and pattern fabric?
Plain fabric is a cloth without any design, shape, or special writing on it. It is entirely in only one color. A plain fabric can also be called an ordinary or undecorated fabric. Plain fabric can include chiffon, satin, crepe, silk, and many more. 

While a patterned fabric is a clothing material that is designed with some special repeating arrangement of shapes, designs, or lines on the fabric. This material includes Ankara, Adire, Kitenge, or any other fabric with a pattern. A patterned fabric can always have more than two or more colors and it is also referred to as a decorated fabric. Scroll down and view the pictures of these designs. 

Although, each of these fabrics can be use to create a style on their own but it can also be combined to form a gorgeous and beautiful styles like long gowns, jumpsuits, trousers and blouse, skirt and blouse and many more. Usually, the color of the plain material must match with the color or a particular color found on the pattern material. This is done in order to create a stylish and bright design and it can be rock to any occasions. Feel free to feed your eyes with these lovely styles. 

To ensure that we always give you updates about the latest fashion styles, we have gathered the best and beautiful plain and pattern styles. Make a choice among these stunning styles, comment and please do share with others. Subscribe by pressing the red NOTIFICATION BELL @ the left hand corner and visit Xclusive Styles on YouTube to check more fashion videos. Have a nice day, Muaahhh😗😍

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