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Latest Ghana Weaving Styles 2022 for ladies: 20 Latest Shade Adu Styles - owambestyles

Shade Adu hairstyle is one of the most popular hairstyles for many African women. This style was introduced by Helen Folasade Adu; the Nigerian-British songwriter and singer during her heyday. She is popularly known as Sade Adu and she is one of the most successful British female artists in history, she is often recognized as having an impact on modern music. Sade Adu normally pulls her back in a ponytail although, a lot of women also pull their hair Sade makes the style more popular. 

Nowadays, this style is upgraded and can be braided and even weave. The hair is parted into two, and both sides are braided down in one direction. Sade Adu's style is very comfortable as it keeps hair away from the face, beautiful and simple to make. This hairstyle inspires a lot of women as it does not cause breakage or ruin your edges. 

Check out this style and visit your hair stylist this weekend. Share with your friends and family and do comment to let us know your view on these hairdo (we love hearing from you😍). Click the NOTIFICATION BELL and visit Glam Hairstyles on YouTube to subscribe for more lovely and juicy fashion posts.

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