Criss Cross Box Braids: 2022 Braid hairstyles - owambestyles

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Criss Cross Box Braids: 2022 Braid hairstyles - owambestyles

Criss Cross Knotless braids involves using of rubber bands to create cool and beautiful intertwined designs with one's natural hair in the front, then the rest of the hair is braided down as knotless braids. It is a twisted hairstyle that requires attention and care. 

Criss cross braids are easy to do whether you are doing it for your self or customer. You will need stretchy rubber bands (you may also use colored rubber bands instead of black ones if you are feeling adventurous), mousse hair spray or gel, edge control and a tail comb. Also, make sure that the hair is wash and relaxed. It is also important to note that the rubber bands should be dip in oil before you use them, to avoid any hair breakage. This style may not last up to 1 or 2 weeks; if properly taken care of, due to the fact that rubber bands are involve. 
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Criss Cross Box Braids

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